Ruminant Services
Cattle, Goats, & Sheep

Our service area includes the following counties:
Franklin, Granville, Durham, Nash, Vance, Wake, Warren

Physical Examinations
Health Certificates
TB & Brucellosis Testing
Disease Testing/Management/Control
Hoof Trimming
Fecal Parasite Testing
Herd Management Consultations
Nutrition Evaluations
Emergency Medicine

Minor Surgeries
LDA & RDA Surgery
Pregnancy Checks
Estrus Synchronization
Artificial Insemination
Dystocia Management
Breeding Soundness Examinations
Semen Analysis
Cooled/Frozen Semen Shipment
Beefmaster Bull Semen Available

Please Note: With the exception of herd assessments, we require goat and sheep owners to bring their animals to the office for their care. Cattle owners must have an adequate head gate and chute, otherwise they must be brought to the clinic for use of our equipment.

Make sure to ask us about our Rabies vaccinations available for dogs & cats when you call to schedule your next appointment!


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