SYDCOR Pasture-Raised Beef

We have proudly offered pasture-raised beef to customers since 1990. We work tirelessly to create the highest quality product for our customers. All of our freezer beef comes from Beefmaster cattle raised on our farms where we use stringent selection and management programs to ensure that only the highest quality beef reaches the dinner table.

Selection Process
We carefully select our new breeding stock using genetic testing, which ensures a higher potential for taste and quality to our final product.

Proven Management Plan
In addition to careful herd selection, a proven management plan allows our cattle to achieve their full quality and weight potential.

No Antibiotics or Hormones
We do not give any of our freezer beef antibiotics or hormone supplements. If one requires antibiotics, it is removed from our program.

Our calves stay with their mothers until around seven months of age. They are then weaned into two groups, bulls and heifers. The heifers are supplemented with protein and energy to help them join the breeding herd as soon as possible. A few select bulls join our breeding herds, while others become steers and spend the rest of grass season on pasture. Finally, they go to our finishing field, which is a small pasture supplemented with hay at all times. They are also fed a high-energy concentrate to achieve their quality and tenderness potential.
We vaccinate and deworm our cattle on a consistent basis to help them stay healthy and reach their optimal growth potential. By raising them from calves, we can ensure proper management and limit their exposure to outside diseases. If new incoming bulls are brought into the program, they are carefully selected based on efficiency, tenderness, and quality traits.

Our beef is sold to the customer via a half or whole. Please note that we do not stock individual cuts for purchase at this time. Our beef is delivered on specific dates to Flowers Slaughter House, who has been processing our steers for over 20 years. They are willing to make special cuts if desired by our customers. They age all meat two to three weeks for increased tenderness. They also vacuum seal and package the meat in small portions, which greatly increases freshness and helps prevent freezer burn. Once the steer reaches Flowers Slaughter House, it belongs to the customer. We recommend a standard set of cuts for a side of beef, which we have developed over the years, but many families have special requests, which can be met.

Your interest in our freezer beef program is greatly appreciated. Please call us at 919-554-1176 should you have any questions.

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